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Tami Shawl – India

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Coping with disease and searching for recovery often make many people look outside of what is usually referred to as “western medicine” when they fall ill. The collector of this beautiful shawl, Jes Moeskjær, came across an example of this, back in the 1970’s.

“When I was working for Danida in the northeastern part of India (Meghalaya) from 1974-1977, I bought this Apa – Tami shawl. The former owner, an English nun, or rather nurse, who worked on a missionary station in NEHU, said that the shawl used to hang at the clinic, over the lamp above the operating table, to give the patients strength and faith.” – Jes Moeskjær

Noumerous studies show that the role of spirituality in health care, is indeed something doctors should be taking seriously. Check out this article summarizing different studies on the subject of medicine and spirituality.

What makes you feel better when you are ill?

// Emma Louise Pedersen


Photo: © 2012 Photo/Media Department of Moesgaard Museum.

Byline portrait: © 2015 Line Beck,

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