In Other Shoes – Faroese Rotiskogvar

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Bearing quite a resemblance to these cow skin shoes, this pair of Faroese footwear is a much brighter and colourful version! Wonder if the braided red thread has any special meaning? See what Tuxen wrote in his notes:

“Rotiskogvar” from the Faroe Islands. Sewn for me and given to me (through Daniel Johannesen) by Mrs. Anna S. Johannesen, Haldorsvik, Thorshavn, on November 13th 1957. Made from cured lambskin, thin and meant for wearing indoors.
The red thread, “tveingir”, is used for women’s shoes, whereas men wear theirs with white thread. This difference in colour is always maintained and respected.

The shoes are said to be very easily made from just one single piece of skin, folded in both ends, and sewn together. Comfy too!

If you are also into shoes, you can read more about Tuxen’s collection in this post.

// Ciara Coogan


Photo: © 2007 Photo/Media Department of Moesgaard Museum.

Byline portrait: © 2015 Line Beck,

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