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Museum of Trash – USA

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North America

Nelson Molina, retired New York sanitation worker, took the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to the next level!

For decades Nelson collected treasures from New York city trash, putting them on display at the Sanitation Garage at 99th Street in Manhattan, New York. The collection is massive! And massively impressive! Walking through the garage I felt completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of things, objects, artifacts, figures, and art pieces Nelson have been able to save from the trash – it’s astounding that all of these pieces were actually thrown away!







Since the sanitation garage is still in use as a work space, it is only possible to see the Museum of Trash on specially arranged tours, however work is being done to open the museum/garage for the public. Until then you can have an extra sneak peak here:

// Emma Louise Pedersen


Photo: © 2015 Emma Louise Pedersen

Byline portrait: © 2015 Line Beck,

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