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Resting in the shade…

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Europe, South America

Uhmmm… vacation. The annual break from the hectic normal life. Days to be spent under a blue sky with a cool drink and a good book within reach – in a hammock. This is the recipe – at least for me – for a perfect stress free summer vacation. Normally, my office chair carries my bodily weight, but in my dream of a summer vacation, it is without doubt the hammock that does the job. Perhaps one a bit more burly than this hammock, which was collected in Brazil in the early 1990s by Kirsten Pontoppidan.

People all over the world have praised the concept of the hammock for its simplicity and effectiveness. It does not really take much to make one. A big piece of cloth or net and some rope. But, in all its simplicity, it is a very effective and comfortable invention that can be applied in most settings. The concept of the hamaka, as it is called in Spanish, was developed by native inhabitants of South and Central America for sleeping.

After the Spanish conquest of the area, hammocks were used aboard ships by sailors, giving them both comfort and maximizing space when they were not sleeping. Today they stand out – according to Wikipedia – as a symbol of ‘summer, leisure, relaxation, and simple, easy living’. In short: everything a summer vacation SHOULD be all about.

My hammock is waiting for me in the garden – now I am just waiting for the summer vacation to start. And for the sun to appear…

//Ulrik Høj Johnsen

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