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You know nothing, Jon Snow: Siberian fur hat

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Last Monday, I watched that week’s episode of Game of Thrones with Rane Willerslev, anthropologist, Director of the Danish National Museum, and Arctic explorer. As Jon Snow and his motley raiding party ventured beyond the wall to capture an undead wight, Rane became more and more irritated. Why, you might ask? Was it the unlikely timelines of the episode? Gendry’s impossibly long run? The apparently sound barrier breaking fast raven?

No, it was the gentlemen in question’s lack of proper headgear. As ice storms raged and temperatures plummeted, they all happily traipsed around, bareheaded, ears suspiciously frostbite free. And, as a veteran of the freezing taiga, Rane knows the importance of covering your head in such conditions. His collections at Moesgaard Museum holds several beautiful, handmade fur hats. They are made from fox, sheep, dog, reindeer, and, most exquisitely, sable. They are decorated with colourful beads and they are sure to keep your noggin nice and warm. The fur hat above was collected in the village of Achaywayam in Northeast Kamchatka, among the Chukchi people. The hat is made from reindeer fur, bordered with dog and sable, and was made for Rane in 2007.

I am sure that Jon Snow and the rest would have been a lot more comfortable on their crazy venture, if they had raided Rane’s collection first and borrowed some proper headwear.

Jon Snow, game of thrones, moesgaard, ethnography, the wall


//Sophie Seebach

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