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A royal visit and a royal shoe

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Today, the Queen of Denmark comes for a visit.

She will be opening the new Medieval Exhibition at Moesgaard Museum, so we are all on our best behaviour (I have to restrain myself from not running over to cuddle the bomb-sniffing dogs), and perhaps, we have dressed a little extra sharply for the occasion. Because who doesn’t know the extra boost of confidence, the right outfit can give you? Or the right shoes?

Today on the blog, we have dug into Tuxen’s collection of marvellous shoes, in order to find ourselves a pair with a slight royal whiff about them. And for once, we are not travelling out into the wide world, because this shoe is most likely Danish. Tuxen describes it thus:

Danish (Norwegian?) bridal shoe from 1842. It was given to me around 1964, by Baroness Therese Rosenkrantz of Liselund. The shoe was given to her by her father, Hermann Fielm (born 1848), and belonged to his mother, Therese Corduas. It was her bridal shoe from her wedding to Johan Hermann Fielm on the 11th of June 1842. It is made from white silk and has a curved tip and a ribbon over the instep. The shoe is very beautiful. There is only one”.

Where the other shoe is, we do not know. But in the spirit of today, I like to imagine some Cinderella-like situation.

//Sophie Seebach

The Medieval exhibition is open to the public tomorrow. Read more about it here.

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