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A little extra luck for 2018—we need it!

Asia, Middle East

I think most of us will agree that 2017 has been a bit of a crazy year.

It has been the year of Trump and his Twitter wars on everything from North Korea to Meryl Streep to his own White House staff. There has been crazy hurricanes, wild fires, and earthquakes. Millions and millions of people are fleeing their homes due to war, persecution, or climate related disasters. Overall, I am sure happy that 2018 has now begun, and I am trying to be hopeful that the future looks brighter.

Sometimes, this hope needs a little boost. So, in order to stack the deck in our favour for 2018, I have gathered this little pile of amulets to bring us luck in the year to come. Here we have amulets from Thailand, Tibet, and Syria to protect us and bring us luck. It is a funny thing, this phenomenon of ‘luck’ and the very human notion that you might just be able to attract some, if you behave in a certain way or wear certain items. Nevertheless, the appeal is clear: I cannot really do anything about Trump’s tendency to provoke Kim Jong-un nearer and nearer a nuclear war. I cannot fix the climate and save the polar bears. So all I can do are the little things. However, maybe, for a little extra luck, I can try one of our amulets. It sure does not hurt, and it might just help.

So, here is my attempt to start 2018 with a little boost—a little extra bit of magic. That is why I am sharing these amulets with all of you— may they bring us all some good fortune.

Happy New Year!

//Sophie Seebach

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2 thoughts on “A little extra luck for 2018—we need it!”

  1. Pretty things those amulets! They may help us to cheer up and in that way attract more luck? Anyway, I would like to thank the blog writer for her many thoughtful contributions and wish her a productive 2018!

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