Artefact lottery: Pointy hat from Kazakhstan

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So, today I figured, to Hell with long-winded and well thought through blog posts! Instead, I decided to do a little ‘artefact lottery’: I would close my eyes, scroll through our database, click on something random, and that was to be the subject of my blog post today! Well, the first few tries didn’t pan out, either because it was an empty collection (we have a few that have been opened but where no artefacts were ever collected), or because the ones I clicked on have yet to be photographed.

But boy, was I happy when I stumbled upon this Kazakhstani hat! Not because it has a great story (we know very little about it) or, to be honest, because it looks that great – we might all agree that it looks rather silly. But it sure made me laugh!

So here we are: the ‘winner’ of my artefact lottery is a pointy party hat, collected in Aralsk, Kazakhstan in 1996!

//Sophie Seebach

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putting thought to things

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