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Free the feet! Swiss wooden sandals

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A major Danish newspaper recently released a dress code, warning their employees not to get overly casual in order to survive the unusually warm May, we’ve had. No shorts or tank tops, no dresses above the knee. To us, sun-unaccustomed Danes, who complain when it is too cold, but reach near-fatal levels of sweatiness when the temperatures reach above 25 degrees Celsius, the thought of wearing a suit in a stifling office on a hot summer’s day, is something akin to a breach of our Human Rights (as one employee of the newspaper stated).

Luckily for us, the Ethnographic Department at Moesgaard Museum has no such rules. Which is fortunate, because we have two-meter tall windows, through which the sun happily shines for most of the day, rendering the offices quite toasty. When I last week brought you suggestions for comfy outfits to wear in this balmy heat, I realised that I had forgotten about the footwear. Once again, I have dived into the Tuxen shoe collection, and found you a pair of sandals, which, though not exactly comfy, should leave your feet nice and cool. Watch out for splinters, though…

Here is what Tuxen writes about them:

“Swiss Küherschuhe (impossible to draw!). Bought on the 1st of June 1958 from Schuhhaus Tschümperlin in Swizerland for 6,80 Franc, plus 3 Franc for the straps. They are consisted of one piece of maple wood, carved on the upper side, so there is an edge around the shoe. With one or two straps, laid double and tied with a narrow leather strip on the arch. Used by peasants and shepherds in inner Switzerland.”

//Sophie Seebach

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