Hats: A World Tour

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Around the world, humans have covered their heads for various reasons. Sometimes to protect themselves from the heat of the sun or the falling snow. Some wear a particular headgear on an everyday basis while other kinds of hats are used only on special occasions. Headgear can also be a way for people to mark a particular status, such as when elders with more knowledge are allowed to wear special hats, or when the pope wears a different hat than the cardinals. Furthermore, the hats themselves displays an enormous variety of techniques, materials, colours and textures.

Join us in exploring the database of the collections at Moesgaard Museum and get a glimpse into the diversity of headgear around the world.


Kautokeino-Same, Norway ↑

Baining, Oceania ↑

Tjukchi, Achaywaym, Kamchatka, Russia ↑

Shtiwe, Nuristan, Afghanistan ↑

Wodaabe, Niger ↑

Worn by Danish cultural geographer Anton Karup Mogensen on expeditions in the 1950s ↑

Kazakhstan ↑

Peru ↑

Leh, Ladakh, India ↑

Mexico, Day of the dead ↑

Borneo ↑

Luxor, Egypt ↑

Basuto, Leshoto ↑

Thailand ↑


/Astrid Kieffer-Døssing

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