All my bags are packed

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At the museum, we are looking forward to the summer season. Guests from all over the world will visit us and our beautiful city, and we are more than ready to welcome them! Hopefully they will save a little space in their bags for nice souvenirs from our gift shop – it’s full of good stuff 🙂

This monday, I want to show you bags, suitcases, baskets and wallets from our collections. As you will see, there are many different ways to carry your things.

↑Men's betel bag, weaved from coconut palm leaves. Malapu, Fenuloa, Reef Islands.

↑Leather bag, Hadza, Tanzania

Wallet made from goat skin, tinder box. Carried by women. Tuareg, Algeria.

Basket, weaved from grass by Mumuye men. Used for shopping at the market. Mumuye, Monkin, Nigeria.

Cotton, hand weaved. Used for betel and tobacco. Karen, Mae Hongson Province, Thailand.

Plastic bead embroidery, for cosmetics (kohl or surma). Peshawar, Pakistan.

Leather bag and decoration. For coins and papers. Wodaabe, Niger.

// Cecil Marie Schou Pallesen

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