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It would not be an odd thought that decorating the body, crafting jewellery and, more generally, spending time on beauty was a sign of abundance of ressources in a community. However, decorations and handicrafts are seldom only a cherry on the top but most often a fundamental part of society. In the ethnographic collections at Moesgaard Museum, we have beautiful and alluring jewellery from various societies around the globe, and today I’ve found a selection for you to adore.

Necklace, Masai, Kenya/Tanzania


Necklace, Turkana, Kenya


Necklace, Nuristani, Afghanistan


Anklet, Ethiopia


Head jewellery, Eli, New Guinea


Necklace, Qatar


Necklace, Isolo, Kenya


Glass bangles, Syria


Necklace, Mummy, Adamawa, Nigeria


Head Jewellery, Wodaabe, Niger


Anklets, Wodaabe, Niger

// Cecil Marie Schou Pallesen, curator


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