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The summer MUST HAVE: Homemade sunglasses

Am I the only one, who finds it infuriating when the covers of fashion magazines tell me about the items I simply MUST HAVE this summer/winter/fall/festival/Christmas/Easter/graduation/garden party…? ’10 Things Every Woman Must Own’. ‘Rachel Zoe’s Top 10 Fall Must-Haves’. ‘15 Must-Have Items for a Classic […]

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A testament to children’s imagination: “Poo/toys”

The Ethnographic Collections at Moesgaard Museum contains many amazing and interesting things. We have a Peruvian mummy, beautiful swords, a rare Thai temple scroll, Gandao grave figures from Kalasha, Pakistan, ancestor figures from Papua New Guinea… the list is endless. However, we also have some […]

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Dressing up: The Pwevo mask

If you live in Denmark, and just happened to be at home yesterday, you might be surprised by groups of costumed children ringing your doorbell, singing songs and asking for money, and promising mischief if you do not comply. Yesterday, you see, was ‘Fastelavn’, the […]