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Baby nomads: Mongolian child saddle

How do you transport your baby, when you are always on the move, and your mode of transport of a horse or a reindeer? Next week, the new big special exhibition ‘On the steppes of Genghis Khan – Mongolia’s nomads’ opens at Moesgaard Museum. The […]

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Getting ready for the Siberian cold

After a rather mild and wet winter, Denmark is gearing up for a couple of cold weeks. In the weather forecasts we have heard about a ‘Siberian wind’ coming from the East, bringing with it snow and freezing cold temperatures. To prepare ourselves, we have […]

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In other shoes: Indonesian sandals

Here at The Ethnographic Collections, we have the most wonderful collection of shoes. They were collected by Søren Ludvig Tuxen, zoologist, and a bit of a shoe fetishist. Since the beginning of this blog, we have featured a wide selection of his shoes, from the […]

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