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Getting ready for the Siberian cold

After a rather mild and wet winter, Denmark is gearing up for a couple of cold weeks. In the weather forecasts we have heard about a ‘Siberian wind’ coming from the East, bringing with it snow and freezing cold temperatures. To prepare ourselves, we have […]

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In other shoes: Indonesian sandals

Here at The Ethnographic Collections, we have the most wonderful collection of shoes. They were collected by Søren Ludvig Tuxen, zoologist, and a bit of a shoe fetishist. Since the beginning of this blog, we have featured a wide selection of his shoes, from the […]

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Secrets of a metal heart

Someone, living in Kabul in the 1940s owned this little heart shaped box. I wonder what they kept in it. What secrets did the little metal heart keep safe? Maybe it belonged to a young woman, who kept her earrings and trinkets safe beneath its […]

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Strange decorations

What is this human need to decorate? Why can we not settle for the plain and practical? As soon as the early humans stuck their fingers in ash or ochre for the first time, and found out that it could be used to draw squiggly […]

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Capturing the moment: Into the unknown

This is one of my absolute favorites in the ethnographic photographic collections at Moesgaard Museum! Two men wandering in mountains. The scene has epic qualities. The two characters, the mountains half covered in mist. And the dog. Where did the dog come from? The two […]