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Resting in the shade…

Uhmmm… vacation. The annual break from the hectic normal life. Days to be spent under a blue sky with a cool drink and a good book within reach – in a hammock. This is the recipe – at least for me – for a perfect […]

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A Museum Tale: Samurai Garbs

The readers will have to excuse the author for being even more of a nerd than usual. But in museum ethnography and some part of anthropology, the explanatory powers of objects are being explored these years. I just read a book a couple of weeks […]

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In Other Shoes – Faroese Skølingar

Winter is coming – here’s a Faroese trick to keep you from falling once the ground gets slippery. “Faroese skølingar. Given to me January 6th 1958 by Mrs. Johannesen, Heldörsvik. There is only one. Skølingar are used “on top of” regular shoes, when walking on […]

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In Other Shoes – Icelandic Sheepskin Shoes

The very first pair of shoes to spur Tuxen’s fascination with footwear was Icelandic, and thus Iceland is represented very preciously in his collection. Here is yet another example of the island’s comfy slippers – this time in a different colour combination, made especially to fit Tuxen […]

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In Other Shoes – Faroese Skoleistar

Once again, Tuxen’s shoe collection takes us to the Faroe Islands – this time, however, not for a full pair of shoes. These are a pair of insoles, meant to be worn inside the actual shoes during the coldest months of winter: “Skoleistar from the Faroe Islands. Knitted […]

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