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Is there a genie in the lamp?

The Newars is one of the more than 130 ethnic groups in the republic of Nepal. In fact, they are considered to be the indigenous population of the Kathmandu Valley. For a number of reasons, the Newari community has attracted attention since the first Westerners […]

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Ceremonial cannon

Can we just talk about how awesome this cannon is? It is not that big – about 67 centimetres in length – but that is actually one of the great things about it. Because cannons are usually these gigantic beasts, but this one you can […]

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Spirit Chair – Papua New Guinea

So, a chair is basically something to sit on, right? Well actually, there is so much more to chairs than just that. There’s a chair for every occasion, but apart from the myriad different everyday chairs you’ll find around the world, you’ll also find more […]

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Pwoom Itok Mask – DR Congo

By its name alone, you get the impression of something powerful. Pwoom itok! With characteristic cone-shaped eyes with holes around the sides, colourful decorations, a crown of feathers, and a slightly anticipating facial expression, the mask is meant to be worn by a dancer, resembling an old, wise man, […]

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