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In Other Shoes – Icelandic Sheepskin Shoes

The very first pair of shoes to spur Tuxen’s fascination with footwear was Icelandic, and thus Iceland is represented very preciously in his collection. Here is yet another example of the island’s comfy slippers – this time in a different colour combination, made especially to fit Tuxen […]

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In Other Shoes – Icelandic “Rodskor”

Resembling the very first pair of shoes Tuxen collected, Icelandic shoes took up a spacial place in his final collection: Icelandic “rodskor”. Given to me on October 10th, 1957, by Mrs. Gudrun Bjørnsdottir, Reykjavik, who made them for me from a piece of tanned catfish skin. These are coloured […]

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In Other Shoes – Icelandic leather shoes

These fine leather shoes were the very first pair in the impressive collection of shoes, consisting of more than 250 pairs of shoes gathered from all around the world by Danish zoologist Søren Ludvig Tuxen. These particular shoes were sewed by Mrs. Björg Kravan, who […]