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In other shoes: Indonesian sandals

Here at The Ethnographic Collections, we have the most wonderful collection of shoes. They were collected by Søren Ludvig Tuxen, zoologist, and a bit of a shoe fetishist. Since the beginning of this blog, we have featured a wide selection of his shoes, from the […]

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In Other Shoes – Icelandic Sheepskin Shoes

The very first pair of shoes to spur Tuxen’s fascination with footwear was Icelandic, and thus Iceland is represented very preciously in his collection. Here is yet another example of the island’s comfy slippers – this time in a different colour combination, made especially to fit Tuxen […]

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In Other Shoes – Japanese Tabis

For me, socks in sandals have always been equivalent with either geeky science teachers or dorky dads (or actually just my own dorky dad, who is in fact a science teacher). But here’s something that might change your mind about the whole socks in sandals […]

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In Other Shoes – Faroese Skoleistar

Once again, Tuxen’s shoe collection takes us to the Faroe Islands – this time, however, not for a full pair of shoes. These are a pair of insoles, meant to be worn inside the actual shoes during the coldest months of winter: “Skoleistar from the Faroe Islands. Knitted […]

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In Other Shoes – Faroese Rotiskogvar

  Bearing quite a resemblance to these cow skin shoes, this pair of Faroese footwear is a much brighter and colourful version! Wonder if the braided red thread has any special meaning? See what Tuxen wrote in his notes: “Rotiskogvar” from the Faroe Islands. Sewn for […]

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In Other Shoes – Mexican Sandals

“Mexican sandals. Given to me on February 22nd 1958 by professor F. Bonet, Mexico D.F. The Spanish-Mexican name for sandals is “huaranches”. The soles are made of leather and the rest are straps, braided in a particular way. On the left sandal there is an […]

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In Other Shoes – Japanese Getas

To follow up on last week’s post on wooden Japanese clogs, we here bring you a slightly lighter model – also for men! Or, at least Tuxen seemed to think so: Wooden slippers from Japan – getas. Given to me on October 30th 1957 by Dr. Shinjo […]

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In Other Shoes – Spanish Espadrilles

Look familiar? Having become a popular design within fashion trends through recent years, most of us probably recognize these shoes as “espadrilles”. Lovely light summer shoes, however best in sunny weather, as the sole is prone to soak up puddles from rainy weather! Here are Tuxen’s […]

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