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Meet the collector: Associate Professor Martijn van Beek.

Today we bring next chapter in our ‘Meet the collector’-series. Our intern Iana Lukina has interviewed associate professor at Department for Anthropology, Aarhus University, about his fieldwork and the collections he made for the Ethnographic Department at Moesgaard Museum. All photographs are by Martijn van […]

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In Other Shoes – Icelandic “Rodskor”

Resembling the very first pair of shoes Tuxen collected, Icelandic shoes took up a spacial place in his final collection: Icelandic “rodskor”. Given to me on October 10th, 1957, by Mrs. Gudrun Bjørnsdottir, Reykjavik, who made them for me from a piece of tanned catfish skin. These are coloured […]

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